Selected Portfolio Companies
Golden Brick Capital is aimed to establish an ecosystem between the fund and portfolio companies, focusing on TMT and related sectors
 Headquartered in Norway and listed in Oslo Stock Exchange
 Engaged in development and sale of Web browsers for computer, tablet, and mobile applications worldwide
Financials Mkt Cap:$1.2Bn 2015 Revenue: $616MM
Investment Date:Feb 2016
Investment Size:$1.2Bndeal size $984MM investment (equity and mezzaninefinancing)
Comments:LBO Leadinginvestor of consortium
 Headquartered in Beijing and listed in NYSE
 Leading full-scaled internet service provide in China
Financials Mkt Cap:RMB 56Bn 2015 Revenue: ~RMB 11.0Bn
Investment Date:Dec 2015
Investment Size:$350MM 4.0%of total ownership
Comments:MBO Leadinginvestor of consortium
 Headquarteredin Beijing and listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange, Gehua is a leading cable TV company in China
 Engages in operation, management, and maintenance of cable radio and television networks inChina
Financials:Mkt Cap: RMB 23Bn 2015 Revenue: ~RMB 2.5Bn 
Investment Date:Apr 2015
Investment Size:RMB600MM 2.92%of total ownership
Comments:PIPE investment in A share
 People Video is engaged in mobile phone video business in China
 20MM+ total accumulative users and 2.5MM monthly subscribed user
Investment Date:Apr 2014
Investment Size:$20MM 49% of total ownership
Comments:Top 3 mobile TV platform in China